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Update 1.2

WorldOfCraft a posted Dec 19, 16

Hello Guys,

At first congratz to our new helpers and jrmod.

and as second the dropparty plugins works finally! at 50 votes there is a dropparty on the spawn. So vote and get that special stuff!


ArtoKing hallo ik ben ArtoKing ik heb zelf ook een server en ik weet hoe stom het is als mensen schelde hele tijd vragen stellen....
Reinout123 hallo ik ben Reinout123 en ik help mensen ik zorg dat ze niet gaan schelde dus mag ik helper rank

Update 1.1

WorldOfCraft a posted Dec 16, 16

Hi guys,

At first i want to congratulate Kevinjansen1 on becomming or new Admin.

And congratulate Cuzia on becomming or new Mod.

The dropparty plugin is'nt working yet but i am working on it!

Check out the new Video of our server!

I am currently working on more items for the shop but say in the comments what you want to see in the shop!


Update 1.0

WorldOfCraft a posted Dec 14, 16
Hello guys,

Here some new things

Today i will instal the dropparty plugin for dropparty at a number of votes.

Staff apply is open for:
-Dutch mod
-Dutch helper
-English helper

If you are afk for longer then 5 mintues you get kicked of the server.


WorldOfCraft a posted Dec 8, 16

Hello guys,

We have a lot of new stuff!

At first if you vote on all the vote sites you get 10 Credit Points. These Credit Points can you spenc in the shop for:


Rank Duke

Command /workbench

Reputation points

If you are the top voter of the week you get 100 Crediet Points and if you are the top voter of the month you get 200 Crediet Points.

The auction house plugin works and you can now sell and buy yoru stuff in ah.

Silk spawner are now buyable. Watch out only players with a rank or special permission can mine spawners,

From now on you can apply in the forum and if there are any bugs or anything you can say it on the forum.

You can also use the forum for recruiting players for you kingdom or just talking with each other.

Goodnight and i see you in the World Of Craft


Getting started

WorldOfCraft a posted Dec 7, 16

The site is online so welcome on our site!

frankyboyy12 Hoi hoi, krijg jij deze comment binnen? ^^)